Effective Elderly Exercise Routines

elderlyexerciseWhat are the elderly people’s activity levels? When some seniors are moderately active, they can work out under a moderately intensive aerobic activity. Senior adults should begin slowly, with lighter senior exercises. But strength training is also important. According to the Center for Disease Control, older adults need at least 2 hours of walking and 30 minutes of aerobics on a weekly basis. For two or more days during the week, it recommends strength training or muscle strengthening activities. With strength training, all of the muscle groups including – abdomen, arms, back, chest, hips, legs and shoulders – should be worked.

To get off to a good start, seniors, or those caring for their elderly loved ones should consider duration, frequency and intensity.
The first step: Begin slowly.
Start out with maybe 5 minutes of exercise, and steadily increase duration by a minute per week; Your loved one’s doctor will determine how much intensity should be used. Remember, the key to developing senior fitness is frequency. Scientific studies have shown that taking low intensity exercise and increasing it little by little results in a very low risk of injury.
Light to moderate intensity workout is:
• Between 5 and 15 minutes walking, two to three times per weekRemember that the amount of time to do the workout depends on the age of the senior. The older someone is, the longer it takes to adjust to newer levels of activity.

The second step is to gauge the senior’s level of fitness.

Those elderly folks that are less fit are essentially at a greater risk for injury. Once again, to reduce the risk of injury, take it slow and steady. Try and increase movement slowly. If the person is overweight, he or she is already adding a strain to the heart. Progression must be at a slower rate.

The third step is to consider prior experience.

Whomever you are helping get in shape, be sure to review their condition before they start their senior workout program. How has their body adjusted to exercise in the past? What challenges have they had before when it came to exercising?

Here are some additional points to remember about senior workouts:
• Wait for at least two hours post eating to work out
• If the senior has a fever, don’t exercise. The core body temperature is increased and could prove dangerous;
• Consult a doctor is the senior has high blood pressure before working out
• See a doctor if any joints are swollen or painful before exercising;

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What Are The Benefits Of A High Repetition Workout Routine?

There are many types of work outs for many different people. There are some people that believe in high weight and low reps, while others believe in high reps in order to achieve the results that they are looking for. A high rep work out will allow a person to tone their muscles and shed pounds without the fear of bulking up. There are many different exercises that can be done to aid in toning up the body without adding mass to it. Below are a few good exercises you can do in high repetition.

Exercises such as dumbbell curls or tricep pull downs can be done with low weight but high rep in order to help to speed up the body’s metabolism and aid in fat burning. Not only will it aid in fat burning, but it will also tone the muscles in the arms so that a person’s arms will look firm and tone without looking bulky. This discipline of working out can be utilized all over the body as well.

For example, a leg press exercise can be used with high reps and low weight to tone the thighs of an individual. This will help a person to get the toned look of their upper legs that they have always wanted. Squats can be used in high rep and low weight conjunction in order to get the toned backside that so many people are trying to achieve.

By being able to utilize this low rep type of work out a person does not have to worry about straining their muscles too much, or the underlying ligaments or tendons, because they are not working with an excessive amount of weight. They are not looking to get bigger, rather they are looking to accentuate what they already have. A high rep and low weight workout will achieve this.

A work out alone will not give the results that an individual is looking for, though,. It is important for a person that is looking to enter a low weight and high rep work out to make sure that they adjust their diet to cut their caloric intake so that they can get the results that they are looking for in a shorter amount of time. It is also wise for a person that is looking to enter into a high rep work out to seek the advice from their physician before entering any kind of workout regimen to ensure that they are healthy enough to do so.

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What’s The Best Way To Take Kratom

powdered green teaThere are many different methods to deal with addiction and the effects that they have on a body. For those people who are addicted to opiates, Kratom is a commonly used natural replacement for the use of opiates in people who are attempting to detox. This leafy green plant has been used for centuries by the people of South-East Asia and Thailand for self medication and relaxation. These users commonly ingest this plant by chewing on the leaves, however there are other more refined ways of receiving the proper dose of this substance. Below are some examples of the different ways that Kratom can be ingested.

With Juices
A favored way of ingesting this ingredient is with the aid of an acidic juice such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime. The acids in these juices interact with the natural alkaloids in the plant and result in a faster metabolism of the product. Simply mix the powder with any of these juices and drink the solution.As A Tea
In general, the powder version of Kratom works best. Adding lemon or lime to the tea water will enhance the taste of the tea and speed up the enhancing properties. Simmer or boil this mixture for 20 to 30 minutes before drinking. Freezing the powder or leaves ahead of time will decrease the time that it takes for the alkaloids to be released. Cinnamon, honey, or peppermint oil may also be added to flavor.

With Yogurt
The coolness and ingredients in yogurt decreases the amount of bitterness that is experienced when taking Kratom. The flavors in the yogurt help to mask this unpleasant taste.

As A Smoothie
Mixing a dose of Kratom in a smoothie mixture is a good way to take this ingredient if it is not easily stomached by the user. Combining the powder with such things as grapefruit, lime, or lemon will increase the reaction time of the alkaloids. Adding sweet fruits or applesauce to the smoothie will help to cover the bitter taste.

With Alcoholic Drinks
Kratom alkaloids that have been enhanced by the infusion of alcohol give the user a different effect than that of other methods. Common alcohols to mix with Kratom are rum, whiskey, or vodka. Leaves are mixed with the alcohol and allowed to soak for an amount of time. Sweeteners are added to enhance the flavors of the drink and cut the bitterness.

Smoking Kratom
This practice of ingesting Kratom is not a common one. The effects that are achieved from this form of ingestion are not as intense and do not last very long. Large amounts of Kratom have to be smoked for even a small effect to be felt by the user.

For those people suffering from the effects of opiate withdrawal or simply looking to experience the effects of Kratom, there are a number of different ways to introduce this substance to the body. Using Kratom powder and leaves to mix with other substances is the preferred method among users. Check out http://balikratompowderandextracts.com/ for more information or to buy kratom for yourself today.

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